Monday, February 6, 2017

Deleting Individual Emails on Yahoo

Yahoo mail is an amazing platform which is often used to send and receive Email messages. There are tons of fantastic tools provided by Yahoo that can be put to put to use and get your tasks fulfilled as per your liking. Different awesome tools available are Yahoo mail, Yahoo news, Yahoo answers, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo games, Yahoo movies, etc. Yahoo Email account offers a lot of benefits to its users. 1TB of data storage ensures that you do not have to delete the data while accessing the Emails. Hence it is not necessary to delete the older Emails to accommodate new incoming Emails. But if some of the Emails do not seem relevant to you, you can choose the option to delete such Emails. This is done to keep the Emails clutter free and keep only those Emails that are necessary for you.

Steps to delete individual Emails on Yahoo:

Deleting Yahoo Emails individually is quite an easy and basic task. In order to delete the Yahoo Emails, you have to go through the steps mentioned below:
  • Open Yahoo mail login page on your browser.
  • Log in to your mail account by entering in your Email and password.
  • You are taken to the main page of the Email where you can see a list of Emails that you receive.
  • Open the Email that you wish to delete.
  • Click on the delete button to delete the Email.
The above steps delete the Email and move it to trash. In case you wish to permanently delete the Email, you have to go through the steps below:
  • Click on the Spam button available.
  • Open the Email that you wish to delete.
  • Finally, click on the delete permanently button to delete the Email from the trash.
After you delete the Email permanently from the trash, there is no way you can recover the deleted Email. Hence it is advised that you make a thorough decision before deleting it so that you do not miss your important information that is available into the Email.
Whenever you come across any problem while using Yahoo mail, you can give a call on Yahoo customer Service Toll-free Number and get the problem fixed by the experts. You are guided to fix the problem over the phone. In case of extreme problems the solution is provided by the experts itself.